Does McDonald’s have keto approved food?

Most of us love McDonald’s to such an extent that the very thought of not indulging in it while on a Keto diet makes us feel really bad. Things become all the more difficult when we are in a hurry, are taking a long road trip, and McDonald’s is what we get to see time and again. However, you would be glad to know that in most fast food chains making some alterations can turn food Keto friendly. So, is McDonald’s food Keto approved too? Well, just like other fast food centers a few modifications can indeed make some food items of McDonald’s fit for those who are on a Keto diet.

How to eat keto at McDonald’s

Now that your question is McDonald’s food keto approved has been answered the next thing you most certainly would want to know is how to eat keto at McDonald’s. So, let us get to discover our options right away.


Breakfast is available all day and is a good option. Though the hotcakes, parfait, and oatmeal are very high in carbs, some other choices can be modified to make them fit for your Keto diet. For instance, an Egg McMuffin includes 27 gm of net carbs but if you omit the muffin it comes down to 3 gm of net carbs only.

The Big Breakfast that includes sausage, scrambled eggs, hash brown, and biscuits are also a good option, only if you skip the hash browns and biscuits. The sausages and eggs include just 2 gm net carbs. You may even opt for a biscuit-less egg, steak, and cheese biscuit while consuming only 3 gm of net carbs.

Bunless burgers

If you want to eat a sandwich or burger then you must avoid the bun to keep the calorie count low. Bunless burgers, in fact, make a perfect and filling Keto meal. By just inviting one gram net carbs you can eat a delicious McDonald’s beef patty with mustard, onions, and pickles. If you add cheese, the net carb would only rise up to 2 gm.

The grilled chicken Asian sandwich also makes a nice option with just 2 gm of net carbs, and this includes lettuce, tomato, and their special sauce. Eating a bacon clubhouse burger, quarter pounder along with cheese, and a Big Mac would give you 8, 7, and 6 gm of net carbs respectively. If you are following a high carb plan then you can eat a fillet-o-fish bunless sandwich, which would invite only 10 gm of net carbs

Delicious salad

Your next answer for how to eat keto at McDonald’s is your choice of salad. Salads can be a little higher in carbs compared to the meat that you eat when opting for a breadless sandwich, but it is more filling and also healthier. The popular bacon ranch salad with its grilled chicken includes 6 gm of net carbs, and only 2 gm of net carbs each serving. So, you can easily have it along with your bunless burger and make your meal more satisfying.

You, however, need to be very careful while choosing a dressing for your salad. The balsamic vinaigrette (low-fat) and the Caesar dressing make the best choices and only offer 6 and 4 grams of net carbs/packet respectively.

Sides and drinks

Together with a side salad, you can order apple slices that would include 4 gm of net carbs and makes a nice side dish option. You can also opt for the mandarin oranges that would invite only 8 gm of net carbs each serving.

Though water is your best choice as far as drinks are concerned, you can also opt for tea or coffee with artificial sweetener and creamer. Unsweetened iced tea also makes a good option. If you do not like artificial sweeteners then you can opt for a diet soda or a McCafe iced coffee without any sugar. This will only invite 2-5 gm of net carbs depending on the size you opt for, small – large.


Together with learning is McDonald’s food keto approved you have also discovered how to eat keto at McDonald’s. So, now you have no reason to worry if you plan to go out for a long road trip or simply want to eat outside. Though home cooked food will always be the best choice for your keto diet about which you can learn more by visiting It Works Keto (, indulging on McDonald’s keto options once in a while will do no harm.

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